Plant-Based Diet

Jul 27, 2022

The Plant-Based Diet focuses on minimally processed foods, specifically plants including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits and includes little or no animal products. There are multiple known health benefits of the Plant-Based Diet, and  it can also help protect the environment. 

Plant-Based Diets include but are not limited to: 

  •  Vegan: diet of vegetables, legumes, fruit, grains, nuts, and seeds, but no food  from animal sources. Supplement with B12. 
  •  Vegetarian: diet of vegetables, legumes, fruit, grains, nuts, and seeds, that may include eggs and dairy, but no meat. Subcategories include lacto-ovo (dairy and  eggs), ovo (eggs), and lacto (dairy). 
  •  Pescatarian: semi-vegetarian diet which includes eggs, dairy and seafood. Flexitarian: semi-vegetarian diet that includes limiting meat intake daily or being  vegetarian only on certain days of the week. 

The Plant-Based Diet includes: 

  •  An abundance of whole grains, legumes, greens, roots, non-starchy vegetables,  and fruits, 
  •  Occasional nuts, seeds, higher fat plants, and dried fruits, 
  •  Avoid or limit meat, dairy, eggs, fish, 
  •  Avoid processed and refined foods like added sugars, white flour, and processed  oil, 
  •  If supplementing your plant-based diet with animal products, choose high quality  products from grocery stores or try to purchase from local farms. 

Health benefits: 

  •  Weight loss, 
  •  Lower risk of heart disease, 
  •  Decreased risk of certain cancers including colon cancer, 
  •  Slowing or prevention of cognitive decline, 
  •  Decreased risk of diabetes and insulin resistance. 

Websites providing more education and resources: 


In summary, a Plant-Based Diet is a way of eating that focuses on whole plant foods  and minimizes processed foods with added sugars and refined grains. This way of  eating can be combined with Mediterranean or Low Carbohydrate diets. Plant-based  diets have been linked to many health benefits and are also a good choice for the  planet.