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I was really excited to have weight loss results start quickly.  If you are looking for a partner to help you with losing weight and managing your mind, Dr. Smith is the difference you need in your plan to be successful.  I highly recommend working with her as she is caring, compassionate, and she understands personalized weight loss.  Dr. Smith can help you achieve your goals.

Natalie B.

For as long as I can remember I've struggled in my relationship with food.  I would put weight on, take it off, only to put it right back on.  In 2 months of working with Dr. Smith, I was able to transform my relationship with food and myself.  I have come to understand that my previous self-sabotage and feelings of guilt did nothing to fuel my success or progress.  I have lost significant weight and, just as importantly, I have gained confidence around my decisions about food.  I feel empowered and strong in a way I never have before.


You may be self-medicating with food, trying to bury negative emotions or just giving yourself something comforting to do if you are bored.  This program gives you the tools to differentiate hunger from reactionary eating and shows you how to examine your actions step-by-step so you can stop just knee-jerk over-eating.  I have found it hugely beneficial and am so grateful to Dr. Smith for her help.

Peg V.

“I’ve been trying to lose the same weight for years.  I was feeling discouraged and hopeless after losing weight and then gaining it all back.  I’m ecstatic that I did this program - it works.  I lost 44 lbs and reached my goal weight the week before my 50th birthday.  I’m thrilled and so grateful to Sarah.”


You are accomplished in so many areas of life, and you can be in this one too.

Whether you’ve tried it all or don’t know where to start, you are in the right place.

As an Obesity Medicine physician and Life/Weight loss Coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women manage their weight and feel in control around food.

We’ll solve for the common drivers of eating, create guides to help you decide when/how to eat, manage the food chatter, and work towards your weight goals. All in an incredibly warm and supportive way.

Become the woman you’ve always wanted to be – feeling empowered, being in control, and enjoying your goal weight with all the tools to sustain your results.

It’s all possible and I can help.


To help you get started with this transformation, download the Top 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Permanent Weight Loss.

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