The Power of Questions

Sep 07, 2022

Questions can be a helpful way to reveal your thoughts and allow you to get inspiring answers.  If you ask great questions every day, you can become more conscious and self-reflective! 

If you ask the simple question, “why,” your brain comes back with “I don’t know” because many of us are on autopilot.  If you immediately say, “I don’t know,” you close the door to consciousness.

By asking “why?” and making your brain give you an answer, you can see how you have created your current results.  Start off by understanding what feeling is driving your action and how does that feel?  What is the action you want to take, and what is the result you want to create? 

In coaching, questions are tools to help us change our lives.  When you ask empowering questions, you can get inspiring answers and insight into your thoughts and beliefs.  

Some questions that you can ask yourself to explore your thoughts might include:

  • “What am I thinking?”
    • This allows for awareness.
  • “Why am I choosing to think this?”
    • This gives us responsibility.
  • “How does this thought feel?”
  • “How do you want to feel?”
    • Your thoughts ultimately cause how you feel, and you can change your thoughts if you want.
  • “What is the solution to the problem?”
    • This focuses your brain on finding a solution.

When considering weight loss, you might ask yourself a question like “Why does keeping my weight down have to be such a struggle?” Your brain may come back with a negative answer: “I don’t have time. I don’t have willpower. Something is wrong with me.”  These answers include a negative belief and you will end up with results to prove this belief. Remember your thoughts ultimately give you the results you have in life.  

However, if your question includes an empowering belief, you can come up with answers that are empowering.  An example is “How can I lose weight permanently and have fun in the process?” When you ask an empowering question, you can start to find more productive answers.  

Take few moments and reflect on which questions you ask yourself regularly.  Are you asking disempowering questions or empowering questions?  

Some great empowering questions you can ask yourself:

  • How can I make today better than yesterday?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • How can I honor my body today?
  • How can I make choices that benefit me and everyone around me at the same time?
  • How can I make myself a priority, so I have more to give to others?
  • How can I be an example of what is possible?

Allow your brain to give you the answers to these questions.  Keep the questions positive and empowering, and you will find that your brain has amazing solutions for you!